My account is suspended, I wish to get back my submission forms.

  • Eric
    Answered on June 13, 2019 10:57 AM
  • Bitia JotForm Support
    Answered on June 13, 2019 11:05 AM

    This form: was found on your account and flagged as copyright logo scam.

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    We understand this might not be the case with your form, yet we had to act according to the general rule to be in compliance with our TermsFree accounts with non-corporate emails showing suspicious forms must be suspended immediately

    In order to reactivate your account, kindly provide us the following information:

    1. The URL where your form is used.

    2. Your website or proof of affiliation to a legitimate institution.

    3. Share with us a document that will prove that you're authorized to use the said logo.

    We also need you to change your registered email to a corporate one to avoid getting flagged again by our phishing detector.

    Send these proofs to with Thread #1856080 as your subject. We will let you know about the status of your account after a thorough review of your proofs.

  • Eric
    Answered on June 13, 2019 11:33 AM

    I will delete the logo.

  • Bitia JotForm Support
    Answered on June 13, 2019 11:47 AM

    The logo has been removed and your account has been reactivated.

    If you beed further assistance, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you.