Conditional Forms with date input

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    Asked on March 24, 2011 at 11:56 AM


    I'm Spanish. I'm sorry for my English.

    I want to create intelligent forms with date inputs. Por example, I want to create conditions if the input date is before than a date. Then I want to an advert shows, saying 'Older than 64 years old'.
    Or if the input date is after than a date, then I want to an advert shows, saying 'Younger than 18 years old'.

    My date inputs have this format: 24-March-2011, but de comparation is with this other: 2011-03-24.

    I have tried it and the condition don't work.

    I need your help. Thanks.

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    Answered on March 24, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    Hi there,

    I think I understand your question better now, thanks for reposting in English.  Unfortunately that isn't possible because conditions have static values.  For example you can have "Is Equal To" or "Is Not Equal To", but you can't have "is greater than" or "is less than", etc.  Also, because age is calculated by compairing the current date you wouldn't be able to do a comparison with the conditions.

    However you could do this using a custom Thank-you page.  You will need to do the following:

    1.  Create a your own custom thank-you page (on your own website) and use that address here:


    2. Enable "Send POST Data" for the form. 

    Click Preferences > Advanced Settings:


    3.  Next, in your Thank-You page check the date field and compare it with today's date.  Then either send the user to a new page or display your advertisment.

    Hope this helps, please get back to me if you have any more questions.