Can you pass the entry of a field into the title?

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    Asked on July 24, 2019 at 08:22 PM

    I'm looking to personalize our form a bit by adding previous answers to titles of upcoming questions. 

    For example  - I am wanting to use the card form layout, and because I am not able (I think) to add a text field with a form element on a single card, I don't have a way to pass a field response into another card without it only being a text element card. 

    Ideally, I would like something like this:

    Card 1:

    Title: What's Your First Name? (short text entry)

    Response: "Steve"

    Card 2:

    Title: Hey Steve({FirstName}), what's the name of your company? (short text entry)

    Response: "Jotform Co"


    Any Wizards of the Form know how this might be pulled off? Sure would be great! 

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    Answered on July 24, 2019 at 09:49 PM

    Unfortunately, It doesn't pass the field values in the section headers using the field's unique name. Because section header, only accepts plain text data. As a workaround, you may think about using a text field to show the information.

    I hope this helps. Do let us know should you have more questions.

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    Answered on July 25, 2019 at 05:41 PM

    Hey AshtonP, 

    Am I able to add a Text Field with another form element on a single card? That was the issue I am having as mentioned in my question. I know how to do it with a standard form, but was limited on the card format. 


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    Answered on July 25, 2019 at 06:23 PM

    Our apologies for the confusion. You can fetch the value by the way and prepopulate the label of the next field. 

    Enter {yourContact[1]}. 1 is the first input box in the multi line question. Change 1 for the next field, and so on.

    You can see the output in this cloned version of your form:

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    Answered on July 25, 2019 at 06:42 PM

    Great news! Thank you I'm so glad that is available. - Quick follow-up - 

    How would I isolate just the first name answer vs showing the full name? Right now that is pulling in first and last. 


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    Answered on July 25, 2019 at 07:33 PM

    Unfortunately, if you are using a Multi line question field, the field ID {yourContact[1]} is for the entire name. There is no way to split that to only show the First name.

    If you want only the First name to appear in the question title, you will need to remove the Name field from the Multi line question and add a separate Name field. If you would like to go ahead with this option, we could check and provide you the required solution.