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    Chris Owtram
    Asked on March 14, 2013 at 09:17 AM

    Hi !, 

    My client uses jot forms.

    When the form is submitted from his website, the page returned includes an iframe to a jotform thank you page, with the following src:


    We need to get access to  the submitted form information, to add the contact to our crm database.

    My questions are:

    1. Can the form be set to return to a page, hosted on the users website, with the submitted form information listed in the querystring ?



    2. Are there any options to write down an html image tag withithe jotform iframe?


    Thanks in advance.







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    Answered on March 14, 2013 at 10:45 AM


    This is feasible but is limited on the form builder and much of the work is done to your server using custom made scripts.

    1. Yes, this can be done. First you have to enable the "Send Post Data" in your form.

    a)Go to Setup & Embed
    b)Choose Preferences
    c)Click Advanced Settings tab.
    d)Set Send Post Data to Yes


    This will enable your form to pass along POST values to wherever you want to redirect the "Thank You" page after the submission.

    The next thing is to set your "Thank You" page to redirect to your script.

    Go to Setup & Embed  and choose Thank You button. Finally choose Custom URL


    Type in your page where your script is


    Every time the form is submitted, instead of a thank you page it will be redirect to your script file that will catch the form data(POST variables).

    From here on, it is up to you how you would devise your script but the basic idea is to get all the post data eg.


    You can store those values and use a header redirect to your CRM page

    I hope you get the idea, it is really up to you how would you approach this into your CRM database.


    2. You can use the Free Text(HTML) field tool from the form builder


    Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks

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    Answered on July 04, 2013 at 07:37 PM

    We are happy to announce that we have released Jotform Webhooks,  this feature would replace Send Post Data + Custom URL Thank You Page workaround in order to help you transfer forms data to your own database using your own script codes.

    To know more about Jotform Webhooks, please click here.


    Thank you for using JotForm. :)