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    Asked on March 28, 2011 at 02:28 AM

    Hi there,

    Please could you help?


    How can I change the witdth of the whole checkbox thing. When I work in  the Quick options “email” or name” I can do so by choosing the number of collums.



    There seems to be a probleem with a form I use. Please see: www.carokookt.nl, go to “ reserveer je dagschotel”

    Once people fill in this form it is send of to your server. When I open “my Forms” and look into the data, I can print it out etc etc all fantastic! But once I change the form, say put new dates and menu choises in for the next week, the stored data ( precieus orders from clients) also change , all dates change and I can no longer see what is new or old.


    Exempel: mr Smith has ordered on monday 22nd april Spaghetti. I change the form for the coming week and the mondain menu is cheeseburgers. Suddenly the data base I can refer to at your side states that Mr Smith has ordered cheesburgers.. But, he has not.

    I found this out after cooking for people and patently waiting for them to collecte their food, but the never came and they told me: I did not order ;)


    Do I really have to errase all data before I change a form for the next week? Or is there an other sollution.


    Except for this, you’r doing great work!


    Thanx Caro

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    Answered on March 28, 2011 at 07:37 AM

    Hi Caro,

    1. The checkboxes themselves cannot be resized. If you are referring to the whole checkbox section itself, it adjusts according to the width that you set your form to.


    It can, however, be shrunk to accomodate other fields beside it.


    2.  Submissions are forever tied to the form that was used to submit it. That means, whenever you change the option for spaghetti to cheeseburger, the submission also gets affected. That is the reason why Mr Smith's order reflects that he made a new order for cheeseburgers when in fact it was the order for spaghetti he made a week ago. You can easily tell that by the date of the submission or the "new submission" icon.



    A workaround that I can suggest to you to prevent confusion is to clone your form after every week, and then modify it to show your menu for the week. You can do it by following these instructions.

     1. Go to the My Forms Page

     2. Click on the New Form button

    3. Click on Import form > Clone an existing form



    4. Edit your cloned form so it fits the menu for the week.

    from this:

    to this:


    Save your new form and replace the form codes in your page with the new form's embed codes.


    Hope that helps,