ticket for backend to work on passing a calculation to an embedded form (or a fix that allows multiple payment choices on one form)

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    Asked on August 13, 2019 at 02:02 PM

    Please work on passing a calculation to an embedded form via url parameters.

    It is shown on a jotform support page that multiple payments can be used by embedding multiple payment forms and use conditional logic to show/hide the form based on user payment choice.

    However, embedded forms cannot receive variables.

    A workaround that has been suggested is to ask for payment choice first and then using the payment integration for product choice on the embedded form.  However, it is not natural or professional to ask for payment choice before product selection.  As jotform itself of course asks for subscription choice before payment choice.

    The only way to do it now is to pass the calculated total to a non embedded form and if the user changes their mind regarding payment type they will have to lose all their information and return to the master form.

    It is frustrating to see jotform's subscription checkout with multiple payments choices which is perfectly clean.  No multiple forms, no having to hit submit to transfer a variable to another payment page.

    ****The frustration comes in that jotform does not even use its own system to take payments.  If the jotform company is satisfied with this checkout solution, then I suggest jotform attempt to use it in its own subscription checkout.

    I would prefer the backend team to make multiple payment options available on a single form, but a quick bandage would be to allow a variable to be passed to an embedded form via the url parameters.