How can I create an appointment scheduling form?

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    Asked on August 22, 2019 at 02:53 PM

    I've scanned the templates, but not sure I found what I'm looking for. 

    Our sales team attends a yearly conference. They spend 99% of their time in customer meetings throughout the day and evening. I need to create a meeting scheduler to send to our customers so they can book a meeting day/time.

    Multiple salesmen/women will be meeting with customers at the same day/time. Let's say I need to duplicate day/time availability by three. So, for example, I have three slots to fill for December 1st at 1PM EST. I want the customer to select the day/time they want and the sales rep they wish to meet with. Upon submission that day/time slot is taken; leaving only two slots left for that day/time for other customers. However, it also books the salesperson chosen for that day/time, so the salesperson cannot be selected twice for the same day/time. 

    Tall order...can you help?

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    Answered on August 22, 2019 at 03:42 PM

    Hi @Iritter,

    I think the closest widgets we have that can do something similar to what you need are:


    The widget allows you to display a calendar on your form which your users can select dates that correspond with the purpose of the form. If prior form users have selected a date or a range of dates, they will be grayed out - they cannot be selected.

    For the widget to work properly, you need to get a Jotform API key from your account settings, so that the widget can reference previous selections and prevent a date from being selected twice.

    Here's a demo form: 61475511548963


    The widget allows you to configure your data in a grid with column and row values, and when the user selects a cell in the grid, the intersecting column and row values are selected as well, like a time-table with available slots for an appointment request.

    Here's a demo form: 43515008287959


    This widget is perfect for showing your form users what times are available for an appointment. Not only that, you can limit how many people choose an available slot because the widget reduces the number of selected slots each time the form is submitted.

    The widget is easy to configure and uses your Jotform API to access submitted forms so that the number of slots available is not exceeded by the form.

    Here's a demo form: 43352010062942

    Please try these widgets and let us know how it goes.