How to update total amount based on response to a question?

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    Asked on August 27, 2019 at 05:02 PM


    I have this form for an event, The even is free for now. On the first page, I have an option asking attendees if they need children programming (we will have someone watch the kids while they are attending the event). If they select yes, then they have to choose how many kids they have and we charge $10/child. I used the form calculation, "Subtotal", below that to calculate how much it'll cost based on how many children they selected

    The problem I am having is when someone selects "Yes" and select a number of children but then decided that they don't need the children programming anymore so they go back and changed their selection to "No". Even though they changed their selection to "No", my form calculation does not update itself to a zero amount.

    I have tried setting up 2 different conditions to update the "Subtotal" calculation but it doesn't work. 
    1. I tried an update/calculated condition where if they selected "No" to children programming, it will insert a zero into the subtotal.
    2. I tried adding a "Ticket Total" form calculation that is hidden and set to zero because the event is free for the moment. Then I add an update/calculated condition where if they selected "No" to children programming, it will insert the "Ticket Total" into the "Subtotal".

    The only way an attendee who is trying to register can fix this is by going back to my children programming question and select "Yes", changed the quantity to zero, and then changed their answer back to "No". All this is a little confusing and messy of a process for attendees.