Bottom of screen is cutoff when first presented only when iframe embed method used to publish.

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    Asked on September 03, 2019 at 10:51 AM

    When I use the iframe embed method, my test form is cut off at the bottom when first presented when I use Chrome.  The whole screen shows up properly when I use the regular script embed (or I use Firefox), but I cannot use that because the form's invoke of the PayPal form fails in Chrome without using a customized iframe embed as described in another forum question of mine that is waiting for developer assistance.

    WHen the form is first presented, it is cut off.  If I order a sail on the form, the bottom field, a Complete Order button, is conditionally shown and the screen is no longer cut off.  If I return to the sail order and change the quantity back to blank, the Complete Order button disappears as it should and now, the bottom of the screen shows up properly as well.

    My preferred solution is to fix it so I can return to using the regular embed script.  Short of that, I need some other solution so I can publish this test form.  Please help.

    For context on my use of iframe embed and problems I'm having with Chrome, please see my forum question:


    The way the bottom of the screen looks when initially presented:


    The way it looks after a sail is ordered:


    The way it looks after a sail is ordered, but then Un-ordered: