Assigning a specific unique ID number range to a single option choice

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    Asked on September 10, 2019 at 01:54 PM

    Hi, I am trying to make it so that when users click on a specific option (in this case, the "request"), they are given a ticket number based on whatever that option is. For example, if they choose one option, their ticket number starts in the 600s. If they choose another option, their ticket number starts in the 700s. 

    Is that possible?

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    Answered on September 10, 2019 at 02:55 PM

    Thank you for contacting us. It won't be possible to generate a Unique ID with a different Index, Prefix, and Number of Digits in the same form based on a field selection.

    The only possible workaround I could think of, is having a main form with basic fields to redirect the user to a specific form(that has a different Unique ID configuration) based on conditions.

    The workaround would be setup like this:

    1) Cloning the form(4 times, as I think you will have 4 type of IDs):,

    2) Setting up a Unique ID on each form with their respective Index, Prefix, and Number of Digits:


    3) Create a main form, that should only contain the basic fields:


    4) Create conditions on the main form to redirect the user to the URL of one the forms based on the "Request" selection:

    Note: you can pass the data from the main form to any of the other forms via URL parameters, so the user does not have to fill the basic fields again, please check this guide:

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.

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    Answered on September 11, 2019 at 09:48 AM

    Thank you!