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    Asked on September 16, 2019 at 03:28 PM

    Response to the previous question did not help me solve my problem - 

    Please look at the form I have.

    Application or why I am creating this form - I want to enter the information myself as the employee. I will put in employees name and email address. Then I will check the boxes for the information I want to include in the autoresponder email. When I press the submit button I would like an autoresponder email generated to send the (EMPLOYEE) letting the employee know what they need to complete. 

    Application example:

    In the form section "types of forms needed" - If I check the box application. I need the Text Box information (Application) to appear in the email to the autoresponder. I do not want any of the other text box information included in the email to the autoresponder.  I want the system to automatically populate the email with what I have selected.

    If I check the box application and workbright onboarding. Then I want the text box information in the autoresponder email to include application and workbright onboarding only. 

    If I check all of the boxes then I want all of the text boxes to appear in the autoresponder email. 

    I might be stretching the software too much and Jotform can't do this? 

    ORIGINAL SUPPORT TICKET - which might have been confusing.

    I am trying to create a form email to use when a new volunteer or employee joins our church team. I want to be able to enter the employee/volunteer name and email address and then select the forms they need to complete prior to volunteering or working on our team. - an automatic email will be generated to send through jotform.

    My idea is when I click the box, for what is required, only the information is shown in the email automatically generated by jotform. 

    For example, if I check the boxes for application, reference check, and workbright onboarding notice once I hit submit only the boxes check with information will be shown on the email to the employee or volunteer. Everything else is hidden.

    Can this be done? 

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    Answered on September 16, 2019 at 04:35 PM

    Thank you for clarifying your concern. What you are trying to accomplish is possible.

    I have created a Sample Form that demonstrates your requirements.—

    When you submit the form with your correct email address entered in the email field, you will receive an email autoresponder that contains the information you entered in the Name and Email fields and your selection in the "Types of forms needed" field (Multiple Choice field a.k.a Checkbox field).


    To set up the email autoresponder in your form, please follow the instructions in this guide — Setting-Up-an-Autoresponder-Email

    You may also find the guides below helpful:



    The content of the email autoresponder when you are setting it up will have this:


    Let's say you have this entered in your form when you submit it.


    When you receive the email autoresponder you will have this.


    I hope this helps. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.