Building out a form

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    Asked on September 18, 2019 at 05:27 PM

    There are quite a few things I am attempting to do and want to know if Jotform has the capability, as well as how to accomplish the tasks.

    1. After client submission of the form we need the form to go to specific individuals (I understand this can be accomplished under conditional formatting)

    2. Once these individuals receive the form, they need to be able to make a selection of Interview or Not Interviewing. I don't want this field available until after submission and then the form needs to be resubmitted.  How do I accomplish this task, and how do I ensure the re-submission only comes to our email address (not the original client)? We also need to identify if more than one person is making an interview selection.

    3. I understand the form can be exported to Box. Will each additional submission also be updated?

    4. Does jotform have any capability where forms can be connected to a person's calendar for scheduling? A date picker widget will not work unless we can access an already existing calendar.