How to include a PDF or document to an autoresponder

  • TreeBeeUk
    Answered on September 28, 2019 04:22 PM


    I have setup my first form and your software is absolutely amazing thank you.

    We have a standard twenty three page proposal form in MS Word that we use to manually complete before converting to PDF before we emailed it to the client for acceptance.

    I would like to be able to take the submitted fields from my JotForm and use them to populate a our proposal for automatically emailing to the client who has completed the form that is unique to them, only using the fields that have been filled after completing the conditional logic workflow.

    How can I do this?

  • Augustine_O
    Answered on September 28, 2019 05:06 PM


    You can consider recreating the 23-paged proposal to your account on JotForm using the PDF Editor. This proposal can be attached to your form as PDF attachment on autoresponders. Once the form is filled by a respondent, an email notification is sent to the respondent containing a PDF copy of the proposal. 

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    This PDF can be also set to be dynamic and have sent contents based on the respondent's answers to the fields of your form. 

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    Please, let us know if you need any further assistance and we will be more than happy to help. 

  • TreeBeeUk
    Answered on September 29, 2019 05:27 AM

    Hi Thank You

    its not so much that I want to send different PDF’s we only want to send our one proposal form automatically containing the information the customer has filled in from the JotForm, as this contains usual name address etc and it also a quote for doing the work. 

    if they accept the quote we would like to be notified for the accepted quotes while still recording but ignoring the other quotes were we did not win the work.

    I may be over complicating the process but I watched all of your PDF videos on YouTube and also one that suggested using JotForm, WebMerge and Zapier to achieve this. Do I need all three or can JotForm do all this anyway?

  • Victoria_K
    Answered on September 29, 2019 07:01 AM


    I don't think that you will need to use additional tools if you only need to generate a PDF file containing form answers. As far as I understand, you will create an online form, correct? Then, users will be filling it out and some fields may be empty. If my understanding is correct, our PDF editor should work for you. It will generate a PDF file and hide empty fields automatically unless you set it up to display all the fields anyway.

    Could you please review the following help guide? 


    If I was wrong, please get back to us and we will provide another suggestion.