Workflow and Jotform

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    Asked on September 29, 2019 at 11:13 AM

    I am trying to create a workflow with jotform and would like to know if what I am trying to do is possible with Jotform or do I need to add another product to Jotform for the process.


    User fills out a travel request and one of the fields asks them who is the person that will be authorizing the travel.  I have a drop down field for them to choose from with various people’s names. 

    When the user hits submit, an email should be sent to the person that they chose in the drop down field.  An email should also be sent to the Travel department and the person that submitted the form.

    The authorizer (their supervisor) gets an email to approve or reject the request.  The email has certain fields that the authorizer needs to see, e.g. the name of the person travelling, the project codes they are charging the travel to, the dates of travel and maybe a couple of other fields. 

    When an authorizer approves or rejects the request the traveler and travel department gets an updated email that informs them of the status.

    Once the form is approved, Ideally I wouldn’t want the supervisor to get any further edits. There is a possibility that the traveler will have to edit the form to updated their availability to work various shifts while they are at the meeting.  They do not normally have that information when they first seek approval. I know I may not get all of the facets listed above but would like to know if any of this is possible with just jotform or if I have to use both jotform and another product.

    Currently I have the form divided up into pages but not sure if this is the right thing or not.

    Currently I was thinking of using to have the submission results sent to Smartsheet.  I have this type of automation set up for another project between Jotform and Smartsheet. 

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    Answered on September 29, 2019 at 12:49 PM

    In general, this should be possible to accomplish with JotForm. We do support conditional email notifications and autoresponders. Also, the emails can include the 'submission edit' links to allow the editing. Please take a look at the next guide to get an idea about a possible configuration:

    A General Approach on Building an Approval Process Workflow