PDF attachment on NOTIFICATION email is different than the AUTO RESPONDER email

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    Asked on October 08, 2019 at 02:26 PM

    Background: I tried to use the PDF Editor (PDF Document) to get a pdf of our form submissions but they kept coming through with overlapping text. So I finally just turned it off and went back to classic (no pdf editor) which is just what we needed.

    However, the pdf of the form that is attached to the NOTIFICATION email is different (8 pages) than the pdf attachment that goes to the autoresponder and is in Google Drive (6 pages).  I need the pdf attachment that is on the autoresponder (and google drive) to be on the notification email (as 6 pages). Why is it pulling different pdfs when I'm back in classic? 

    I was trying to live chat about this earlier and the chat just randomly disappeared.?! That person said the first default PDF Document tab (in editor) is the one that goes to the drive and to get rid of the page break. But the pdf on the drive is fine. 

    He also suggested going to notification email advanced tab and change the option on the pdf drop down. But there were no pdf options. (Likely because I'm back in classic?)

    Please help.