I want to create a HIPAA compliant form.

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    Asked on October 17, 2019 at 04:45 PM

    Hello! I want to create a HIPAA form


    So I'm using a secure key. 


    But I go to put in my password and it doesn't work.


    Is that because I'm using a Google account as my username/password? 


    Please help. 

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    Answered on October 17, 2019 at 06:17 PM

    Hi @Vajko,

    We use an Authentication method for users who registered or logged in using Google account. In this case, there is no stored password, and therefore, you should change your Google Account password instead. 

    If you want to use a separate password, you should initiate a password reset to do that. 

    Guide: How-to-reset-the-password

    I looked at your account but did not see HIPAA enabled on your account. Are you referring to setting your form up with encryption?

    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you

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    Answered on October 17, 2019 at 06:30 PM

    Hi Steven. Yes, I signed up for the Silver tier to get HIPAA compliance.

    Can I skip encryption and do something else for HIPAA compliance? 

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    Answered on October 17, 2019 at 07:41 PM

    Yes you can, HIPAA is available for Silver plans. So, please disable the encryption feature:


    And enable HIPAA compliant in your account as shown on this guide: https://www.jotform.com/help/500-How-to-upgrade-to-HIPAA-Compliance

    Note: I noticed that you have cancelled your Silver subscription, so it will be downgraded back to free plan in Oct 27, 2019. Please go to your billing section to reactivate your Silver subscription if you need to enable HIPAA: https://www.jotform.com/myaccount/billing


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    Answered on October 17, 2019 at 07:43 PM

    Also note that all forms in HIPAA accounts become HIPAA complaint.