how can I add a discount field into the paypal form?

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    Asked on April 04, 2013 at 08:56 AM

    how can I add a dicount field into my forms,  I use paypal?

    I am going to use different sales channels and each will have their own discount code. I would like to add a field in the form so if a code is entered the customer can enter the discount code.

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    Answered on April 04, 2013 at 09:07 AM

    There is , a workaround somebody in the support staff  sorted out, on this thread

    Please let us kno if you were able to go through with the solution presented above.

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    Answered on April 08, 2013 at 06:06 PM

    Thank you I am using it. code syc2013

    But I do hope you guys ad this funtionality soon. It is of the utmost importance for a small bussines to provide our customer some kind of discount. no having this limits our options and our customers experience.

    thank you


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    Answered on April 08, 2013 at 06:30 PM

    Coupon code or discount code feature has been requested before. I am forwarding your request to our feature request list.

    Hopefully it will implemented soon, however, I cannot provide you with an ETA, you'll get an update on this thread whenever the feature is released.

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    Answered on April 08, 2013 at 07:25 PM
    Base on jotform's ETA you'll be waiting 1 to 3 years for your request to be added to their product
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    Answered on May 23, 2013 at 10:51 AM


    You may now offer discounts for your products by creating coupon codes via JotForm's payment wizard.

    1.  Open the form in edit-mode
    2.  Select the form's payment control
    3.  Click the wizard button found at the upper right corner of the field

    4.  Navigate through the wizard until you are at the Coupons page

    5.  Add as many coupon codes as you wish


    Hope you find this information useful. Please notify us if you have questions or if you require assistance regarding this topic.

    Best regards