possible bug: conditions list drag and drop lags permanently & double click snaps conditions out of order

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    Asked on April 20, 2013 at 02:02 PM

    so apparently for some reason some of my double clicks attempting to open conditions for further edits results in a condition jumping seat, ie going back to the top of the list somewhere around 2-5 position from top.


    then, moving it back to its place is a pain as when you try to drag and drop it to its previous spot, the drag exponentially lags behind your mouse as you pull it with mouse down the list to the point i had no way of getting it past 16 lines/conditions (this was condition #23 for item 22 in this form)

    this has happened to me more than twice now. this very last time i got as lucky as i got unlucky before and while trying to drag it past line 16 on conditions, somehow althought the shadow drop of it wouldnt go past 16, i managed to accidentally get it to the right location with one random double click or pull again.


    for forms with very many pending rules, this can incredibly painful and confusing during setup, please investigate why this behavior occurs, for this very reason i had to start over the first time it happened as my attempts to correct it resulted in more conditions snapping out of position and going to the top...

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    Answered on April 20, 2013 at 02:21 PM

    FURTHER UPDATES: i can also confirm (even after a complete cache clearance and browser restart using FF 20.0.1 all along) that the form that shows all the conditions can have other quircks like showing deleted conditions in certain situations right after that deletion or show wrong position for conditions... and then repositioning them back to last known stable spot in the list by itself when checked again later...

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    Answered on April 20, 2013 at 08:16 PM


    Sorry for the delays in response.

    I am trying to understand what you just described. I think I got it correct mostly...

    What I did is drag & drop randomly the condition rules you setup on your form. This makes the position of conditions in the sequence changes(which was the intended functionality).

    I tried both in latest Firefox and Chrome browser, BUT so far I could not see the quircky and laggy disposition when doing the process.

    Please confirm if I was able to follow the same procedure as you described to try produce the issue?

    If I did not do the right procees, can you please describe more.... try put it in numbered steps that we can follow..



    1. Do this..

    2. Do this..



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    Answered on April 21, 2013 at 09:26 AM

    try to drag rule #1 to position #20. you shouldnt be able to.


    this problem is not a huge problem, if my double OR EVEN SINGLE (happened last time) clicks did not cause some of these rules to randomly jump out of place and go way up to the top of the list.


    i mean, i cannot tell you how to replicate the weird behavior that causes my rules to jump out of place and fly to the top of the list, but if you look at my rules, you notice i went in a really orderly fashion and yet if you look closely you should see at least 5 or 6 rules that are totally out of that order in their placement on that list... those are the ones that randomly snapped out of place and the ones i am talking about.... now when your rule # 160 goes to #2... i would love to find a way to fix that, cuz i have a feeling it will happen to me sooner or later.

    here i'll do a video for you to show exactly what i mean. not to mess with the real form, i created a clone of my form as it is as of now to play with and demonstrate exactly what the lagging issue is.


    feel free to try any movement from top to anything past line #15 or 16... impossible with a single drag. the only way i found around it-which is still working with a lot of risk for snapping other lines to the top-once you made it to #15 with one or two drags, is to bump up the lines under them one by one, one line at a time, to make the intended element go down further... which u can imagine will be incredibly stupid of a move if you have to send it towards the bottom of the list...

    now i know this whole thing may not sound like an important issue, but if jotform use is for anything more than a contact form, if someone has conditions in numbers, organization and order is key to speed of changes and fixes... if my rules are all out of place in one year as i and others come and go to the account, making edits or price changes or what have you, then next year this, it will take forever each time to find the correct line in the conditons for edits... now i am not too sure of how this particular order of conditions affects their performance, i dont even know if it does at all, but still, figured this has wasted enough of my time to make a thread about it and at least get it reported even a fix takes a long time to roll out... i understand u guys are busy helping a lot of people and that development aint easy or fast.

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    Answered on April 21, 2013 at 03:50 PM

    try to drag rule #1 to position #20. you shouldnt be able to.

    Hi, thank you very much for showing us this problem. And we appreciate all the effort you did to present this to us.

    I was able to reproduce and see the problem also.

    I could not drag & drop easily or conviniently rule #1 to position #20 -- this impediment alone is worth submitting a ticket to our next level support so that it can be addressed to immediately.

    I noticed the lag when dragging to top most condition deep down to the next page of conditions. I have already scroll down to 20th, but yet the highlighted condition I was dragging (using lef-click and hold mouse) seems to be stuck on top. I could not even drag it one page down at a time. In your sample form's condition it got stuck at 11th and could not drag further anymore. Your video  clearly show this problem.

    I have now submitted a bug ticket to our next level support.

    You will be notificed via this thread and your email once our developer have reached this ticket and applied resolution for it.



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    Answered on April 21, 2013 at 10:06 PM

    Thank you!