final fantasy cosplay

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    Asked on April 22, 2013 at 02:10 AM

    Because many witch costumes Costumes own magical girl lyrical nanoha cosplay hands do, pokemon cosplay costume or additional custom-made, and sometimes not so fit, lolita gothic dresses and strong, the people of the venue, there is no guarantee some unexpected things will happen, so the above risk behaviors by transparent straps underwear, such a protective effect, prevents (compare chest stick together better), friends said, and there behind with types are transparent, cos back empty role, really helpful (friend added, it is best not to wear there catsuit costume is no shoulder strap underwear: (to some action is still very dangerous) also have a special transparent straps, no shoulder strap role, then you can use to prevent Suitable for: strapless dress will not fall down, back empty role flesh-colored tights: Compared to the above several protective measures, this is d gray man cosplay the safest, almost the entire wrap, take up is said to not be too obvious, so the scale of the cos clothes more able to to make greater concessions. Suitable for: not common sense cos clothes, skin exposed to a higher degree of clothes. swimsuit: Function and tights almost 6. tape (double-sided adhesive) this cosplay essential goods, not only in clothes, equipment malfunction can be lolita skirts an emergency remedy, to protect themselves on, is also necessary. Designer or sew able to create a fashion design is the original artist and sculptor who works with the materials at hand to create and mold the kuroshitsuji cosplay impact of pleasure from creating an attractive image through the promotion of the best qualities of the wearer and camouflage discreetly providing or less perfect point white wigs through the application of the skills that come with the knowledge and practice . In dress design can be achieved by repeating the trend lines in the construction of the chobits chii cosplay dress itself, or by repetition in the use of the various buttons and decorations, or duplication inherent in folds, creases and folds. It can also rhythmic movement in fashion design is due to the use of contrasting colors.