My Login was suspended

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    Nurul Afifah 
    Asked on January 03, 2020 at 09:33 PM

    Dear Support Team, 

    I tried to login to my account - but was unable to, it said that it was suspended. Can you help me check what happened? 

    Thank you

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    Answered on January 04, 2020 at 12:07 AM

    Unfortunately, your account was suspended because of one of your forms: "72858338003458" violated our Terms of Use. Upon review of your account, it was found that the Form has an ID number field and requesting a Passport number. So your account is suspended due to this.

    We do not allow uploads of any sensitive personal information like passports, visas, social security cards, driver's licenses, credit/debit cards, bank statements, voided cheques, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificated and photo IDs.

    We will have to remove it for compliance. If this was a government-issued ID it needs to be protected by two mandatory widgets:

    1. Add the Terms & Conditions Widget(or the Short Scrollable Terms Widget) for your users to read and agree.

    2. Add a Signature Widget so your users can sign and agree to provide such sensitive information.

    The widgets will apply for ID number collection and Passport number collection. This will make you the sole responsible for collection and handling.

    I would also suggest you change your account email address to a corporate one.

    For now, we can delete the guilty fields and reactivate your account. Once we reactivate, you can add the required widgets. Also, you will need to use a corporate email.

    Please confirm so that we can delete the guilty fields on the form and activate your account.

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    Nurul Afifah 
    Answered on January 05, 2020 at 08:01 PM

    Thank you for the clarification. 

    You can delete the guilty fields. However, we don't have a corporate email as we used gmail for work purposes. Will that be acceptable? We are only gathering data from our students for registration purposes. 

    If I am not mistaken, we do have the signature widget added at the bottom of the current form, can you please double check? 

    We will make the changes to the form as soon as our account has been reactivated, thank you. 

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    Answered on January 05, 2020 at 10:08 PM

    I have reactivated your account and deleted the guilty fields for now.

    If you are representing a company or organization like "Findlay", it is mandatory to have a corporate email, otherwise your form will be flagged again. If you don't have any corporate email, you can remove the logo of the company you are representing to avoid copyright claims.

    As for the required widgets, you have signature at the bottom, but you'll also need to add the terms and condition widget

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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    Answered on January 05, 2020 at 10:43 PM

    Thank you. We are trying to make the changes necessary to the form but it keep on saying that our IP address is banned, we have to keep refreshing the page all over again. Can you please help look into it? 

    Thank you

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    Answered on January 05, 2020 at 11:15 PM

    I tried adding the IP Address registered on the account to our whitelist. Please try logging in again.

    If it still banned, you might be using a different IP Address. Please click this link below to fetch the current IP you're using and provide it to us:

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    Answered on January 06, 2020 at 01:55 AM

    The provided IP address has already been whitelisted. If you are still facing the issue, please open the link in your device and share the IP address with us so we can whitelist.

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    Answered on January 07, 2020 at 04:04 AM

    I have whitelisted your IP Please try logging out and logging back in.