How can I derive a field using just the first character from andther field?

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    Asked on January 07, 2020 at 01:28 PM

    Field 1: dropdown choice e.g. EVE64, EXE65, etc... 

    Field 2: dropdown choice e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc...

    Field 3: Derive [field 3] from 1 & 2 that cannot be entered manually

    Using Conditions, IF [field 1] is [filled] AND, IF [field 2] is [filled] AND, ALL fields are matched - DO

    COPY MULTIPLE FIELD VALUES [field 1] AND [field 2] to SUMMARY [field 3]

    Result example in [field 3] is EVE64Monday

    However I only want the first letter of field 2 to return EVE64M

    can this be done please?

    thank you

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    Answered on January 07, 2020 at 04:29 PM

    You can do it using Calculations + the Substring widget.


    You can extract specified char/string from the field data using the Substring widget and use the update/calculate condition to transfer the data into another field.