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  • willmeecham
    Asked on January 24, 2020 07:39 AM


    Please help

    I received notification from a group email I sent out that my form is disabled. It doesn't show up on my account, probably because when I was designing it I hadn't yet made the account. I read online that forms are set to expire. This is a problem for me because I was using a distribution list I can only use one time. I'd really like to get it reactivated as soon as possible. Also, please link it to my account.

    Here is the link to the form:

    Thank you!!!

  • Ivaylo JotForm Support
    Replied on January 24, 2020 08:04 AM

    Your form is under the following account: willmeechammd.

    However, your account was suspended. The form was marked as "Suspicious".

    In order to reactivate your account, kindly provide us the following information:

    1. The URL where your form is used.

    2. Your website or proof of affiliation to a legitimate institution.

    3. Share with us a document that will prove that you are authorized to use the logo.

    Send these proofs to with Thread #2130791 as your subject. We will let you know about the status of your account after a thorough review of your proofs.

  • willmeecham
    Replied on January 24, 2020 08:29 AM

    Dear Ivaylo,

    WillMeechamMD is one of my two google accounts. I am a retired (actually, disabled) physician who writes about wellness. Here is a link to my recently launched website: It shows the logo in the banner, which is the best I can do to demonstrate my right to use it. The logo was designed by a friend of mine, Gemina Petruzelli. I'm attaching a screenshot from some early exchanges we had in December, when the logo was being designed. You'll see the initial version of it, which we later refined.

    The site, being new, has only one entry, and I went ahead and mentioned my name at the start of that essay, so you can see it (I haven't yet written an 'about' page). You could also migrate off that page using the link to, which gives a lot of information about me.

    I have no idea why that Google account was listed as suspicious. It's unfortunate.  

    I am a single individual with an online following of about 300 people. I used jotform to reach out to about 1000 more people who I've met through various in-person offerings, and also through blogging. Because I have their addresses but not specific permission to add them to my distribution lists, I was waiting to use that resource until I was ready. That's why it's so unfortunate that the form was disabled.

    By the time a 'thorough review' of the sort you mention is completed, this all will be moot, because the email will have been deleted by most of the people on the list. I will be very disappointed in Jotform if you don't consider this explanation sufficient. I realize that losing a small-time operation like mine will make little difference to your business, but it will be a shame.

    Thank you for your attention,

    Will Meecham, MD

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  • Girish JotForm Support
    Replied on January 24, 2020 08:54 AM

    Thank you for providing the detailed information. After review, we have activated your account.