Integration - dropdown field data not sent

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    Asked on January 24, 2020 at 10:50 AM


    I'm testing a integration. Moving form data is silently failing when I try to send "dropdown" data.

    I have a Monday "dropdown" named Funding, and a Jotform "dropdown" field named "{fundingSource}". I'm able to get other fields to sync, but when I add this the whole thing fails.

    In the integration building wizard:

     - The checkbox shows green to indicate I have matched the field types correctly

     - The "Test Integration" button silently fails (no success or failure message)

     - The form itself works fine within Jotform (submission successful, I get a confirmation email etc)

     - If I reverse the process and try the integration from the Monday size (pull rather than push) it also silently fails.


    - Nate

    Account: Diurnate

    Form: Biostatistics and Biomedical Informatics Initial Request Form

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    Answered on January 24, 2020 at 01:25 PM

    I have tried to make a few tests and I was able to confirm that the issue is with the drop-down fields. You need to ensure that you are mapping it to a field in which has a drop-down column type.

    In addition, you should also add the drop-down options found in the form to its equivalent field on Monday.

    Here's a screen recording of how it's done:

    Please try that on your form as well and let us know how it goes.

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    Answered on January 24, 2020 at 02:50 PM

    So this is totally weird. I did everything in your video beforehand as I was troubleshooting, then did it again twice after your reply etc. Nothing would work - until I did exactly what you did and *cloned* the board. The cloned board works, the original still does not. So I am up and running, if a bit confused.
    For what its worth, when the test runs successfully it takes about 2 seconds. When it fails, it does so in under a second. I don’t know whether this is worth tracking down in your logs, as it may bite others or may be some sort of strange edge case.
    If you do poke around anymore I have renamed the forms - the original one that triggers the bug is called “BAD Biostatistics and Biomedical Informatics Initial Request Form"
    \ Nate

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    Answered on January 24, 2020 at 04:03 PM

    Hi Nate - Could you please check if you're using the V2 API from Note that you can only use API v2 with Jotform. Maybe that's the reason why form data are not being sent.