File Size Upload Limit!!! R U SERIOUS???

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    Asked on April 16, 2011 at 12:42 AM

    I just upgraded my account frrom free to the 9.99/ i did this for two reasons

    1. to increase my upload capacity to 10gb & more submissions.

    2. To Increase to max. file size limit (which is ridiculously small on free version)


    In the payment matrix there is no indicitaion as to what the Max upload file size is per file, so i assumed it be at least 1gb but hoped it to be more like 2gb as this would be ideal for my business......Well its not...& its not even 1gb which is the lowest I neeed in order for this service to work for me...If i cant accept files under 1gb with the 10gb/10/month plan than it renders it almost useless for my application...the file sizes my clients will be uploading are definitely far greater than 500mb ...but like i saids most clients dont have anything smaller than 1gb to begin with....


    So now in order for me to make jotform usable i will have to have my clients split their files in half, which will be a nightmare for at least 3 reasons:

    1. Most people wont know how to 

    2. If they do do it, there is a much greater chance of files getting lost or them doing it wrong

    3. The majority oif my clients are not gonna know how to do this so most likely its gonna be me having to walk them through it over th ephone and take time out of my buusy day to try and help someone do a pointless taks to waste all this extra time all because you cant accept more than 500mb file...its make s it pointless for me to use jotform, let alone continue to pay for it on a monthly basis...

    I mean y owuld  my clients and I go through all this extra trouble conforming to 500mb limit when we could just use a site lkike which is 2-5b file size llimit for free....granted its not gonna shjow up in my dropbox, which is the whole reason i am usinbg this small max file size issue is making something that was supposed to make my life easier into something twice as diffucult all because of this one stupid restriction, that could have been completely avoided by at least haveing a 1gb file size max upload limit...2 or more gb would obviously be ideal though.

    Is there anytihgn in the works to UP this file size limit in the near future? DO i have any other options at all? Are ther any other similar companies that offer a file upload service to dropbox like jotform? Who are your main competitors?


    If this file size limit will not be getting changed in the near future i will definitely be cancelling my account asap and requesting my  refund!

    What is the process for me to go about doing this and how long does it take to recieve my refund?


    Thank You,


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    Answered on April 16, 2011 at 01:30 AM


    I logged in to your account and found out that your form's upload feld max file size is set to roughly 500MB.


    I went out of my way and changed the max file size to 1048576 KB or exactly 1 GB which is currently our file size upload limit. Please check and test your form to see if this works good for you.

    I apologize for the confusion. Thank you for your understanding.