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    Asked on June 11, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    This is the autor responder message participants receive. Although these fields are not in the form they show up in the auto responder. If I can get access to the HTML I can change it. 


    Question Answer
    Camper's Full Name Re Ellison
    Address Street Address: 13416 Coachlamp Lane
    City: Silver Spring
    State / Province: MD
    Postal / Zip Code: 20906
    Country: United States

    Birth Date July 2 1970
    Current Age: 42
    Gender: Female
    Phone Number (301) 2677936
    E-mail Address where you'd like to receive confirmation and information:
    Grade Entering Fall 2011
    What church do you attend:
    1st Emergency Contact Name Lydia Ellison 
    1st Emergency Contact Relationship: Mom
    1st Emergency Contact Daytime Phone Number: (301) 8710166
    1st Emergency Contact Evening Phone Number if different: () 
    2nd Emergency Contact Name:
    2nd Emergency Contact Relationship:
    2nd Emergency Contact Day Phone Number:
    2nd Emergency Contact Evening Phone Number if different:
    Please list other important emergency contacts, their relationship to camper, best phone numbers or other contact information that will be helpful in an emergency.
    Doctors Name or Medical Clinic: Vemury 
    Doctor's Phone Number: () 
    List any medical or food allergies: (If none, enter none)
    List any chronic illness and or physical limitations camp should know about: (If none, enter none)
    Date of last tetanus shot:
    List all current medications: (If none, enter none)
    Is camper covered by medical insurance: No
    Name of Insurance Company (enter none if no insurance): None 
    Policy Number (enter none if no insurance): None 
    Electronic Signature: By entering my name below, I accept the above conditions and releases. (You must be 18 years old or over to sign below.) Rebecca Weslie Ellison
    Relationship to registered camper: participant [It should read Relationship to participant] 
    Current Date: 06-11-2013
    Click Only One Camp Session. Camp rates increase $10, 10 days before each camp starts. Optional Items are also listed. You may also pay for bus transport, add funds to camp store, pre purchase products or make a donation.

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    Answered on June 11, 2013 at 01:42 PM

    Hi Rebecca,

    Did you managed to figure this out already? You can change that on your autoresponder email.

    Setup & Embed > Email Alerts > Autoresponder