Is there a way to have a person come to my website fill in the blank on 3 or four questions and then enter their email and send it to them self?

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    Vince Cobb
    Asked on June 14, 2013 at 02:07 PM

    Example: Before

    1. Jimmy cracked _____ and i don't care.


    1. Jimmy cracked corn and i don't care.


    Print: Press PRINT Button

    Send to: Enter Email Address and press SEND


    Explanation: At my church we have pastor's notes and during the sermon we get the answers to 3 or 4 questions that are printed in the bulletin. For the smartphone and tablet users we want to have the questions on the website with blank fields where the 1 word answers go. Allow them to fill them out online in church and email it to their addresses to keep them. Thx

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    Answered on June 14, 2013 at 03:10 PM

    @Vince Cobb

    If you want exactly the same format of form, that won't be possible within the JotForm editor. But if you are okay to use your form's source code then yes we can provide you a workaround.

    Request you to create a free account and let us know your complete requirement. We will be happy to help you on this.