New PDF system is not functioning correctly.

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    Asked on May 27, 2020 at 01:12 PM

    UPDATE: This is happening again, except now I do not have the benefit of being able to look at the old system to see if the information is there.

    I received an application yesterday, November 12, 2020 and only the first page submission answers shows up. I know the client entered all info, but the rest does not show.

    Please fix.

    I just received a new form submission, and the new customized PDF system will not show the information. The error I receive is that there are no answers to display. When I open the form in the "view submissions" older version, I see all of the information but it will not print in my customized PDF.

    I have had lots of issues with data not showing up correctly lately. Sometimes certain fields won't show answers (even though they are required fields and the client had to answer them to submit). I believe it is just a glitch, but would appreciate any help in resolving these issues as they are greatly disrupting my workflow.

    1590599313No answers to display.JPG1590599549Answers show up in old format.

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    Answered on May 27, 2020 at 02:02 PM

    We are sorry for the trouble this has caused. We have already notified our backend team on this. They are working on the resolution.

    We will keep you updated on the progress of the issue.

    We appreciate your patience.


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    Answered on May 27, 2020 at 03:11 PM

    We have received an update from our backend team that the issue has been fixed by now. Please check again and let us know if you still notice any issue with the PDF reports. We will be happy to take a look again. 

    Sorry for the trouble caused.

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    Answered on May 27, 2020 at 03:17 PM

    Thank you, it looks like it has been fixed.