How to attach both customized PDF submission report and imported PDF

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    Asked on June 02, 2020 at 11:21 PM

    I am one day new to your site, and learned how to create a form, and then use the PDF editor to create and email multiple custom PDFs using the data from the form.

    What I would like to do is also have that form data populated into a uploaded PDF, but dont see that functionality. 

    I see how your PDF Converter works, but it seems to create a new stand alone form.

    What I am trying to do is to have the data from the form populate several PDFs, and some of them may be in formats that I cannot recreate. Like this

    Please advise if there is a work-around or something I am missing, thank you

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    Answered on June 03, 2020 at 02:46 AM

    Thank you for reaching support,

    To clarify you have PDF's that you wish to use as your Form and make them fillable?

    If so, By connecting your form fields to your PDF, you can make it serve as your actual fillable form.

    Here is the Guide:

    I hope that helps.


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    Answered on June 03, 2020 at 08:06 AM

    Thanks for the reply, but its not exactly the question I am posing.  Like I stated, I do see how the PDF Converter function works.

    This is what I am trying to figure out.

    I created a form, then I went to the PDF editor and created two custom PDFs that are associated with the form. I see in the form settings how to email both of those PDFs after submission.

    I now want to create third PDF to use with the same form.  So, I go to the PDF Editor function and click on the add New PDF tab.

    The first option on that tab does not allow to upload an existing PDF to use.

    The second option allows for the uploading of a PDF, but it brings me to the PDF Converter and seems to create a new form.

    I want to use the uploaded PDF with the form I made already.

    Is this possible?

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    Answered on June 03, 2020 at 09:45 AM

    Unfortunately, that is the only way to pre-fill an external PDF form.

    Ideally, you would use the PDF Converter, which will create an equivalent online form, in which you will map the fields from your online form to your uploaded PDF.



    Afterwards, you can also create new PDF documents and customize it.



    Once done, on your emails, you can select the uploaded PDF and those new PDFs you created.