Jotform Weekly Updates! June 25 to July 3, 2013

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    Asked on July 03, 2013 at 08:07 PM
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    1. Jotform Webhooks
    We are excited to release Webhooks on Jotform!  You can now get your form submissions posted to a URL!
    Let's say you'd like to be able to get a copy of your form submissions and save them on your own database. You can now use webhooks to get the results and use a small PHP script to load the received data into your database

    Please find out more details about Jotform webhooks here


    2. Jotform API Beta Version released!
     You can connect to your form data without using the Jotform web site! If you want a way to allow access to your Jotform account, forms and form submissions, with Jotform API, now it will be possible!

    This Beta version is read only. This means that you can getinformation about the Jotform user and forms and you can also download existing form data

    USE CASES : 
    Calculate Survey Result Percentages : Example written with API PHP library to calculate the percentages of star rates/radio buttons in the form submissions.          
    You can find some more use cases in API Use Cases Repository

    Please keep reading the API documentation and take advantage about this exciting release here!


    3. Stripe - Address field: 
    Include the Address tool to your payment form and Stripe will do the rest. Your orders will appear with the information entered!



    1. Form Submissions   Uploaded Images with uppercase extensions were not displayed on PDF views - when using multiple uploads button

    Fixed !