Coupon Codes: Change Prices Depending on a specific selection or combination of selections

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    Asked on July 04, 2013 at 09:13 AM

    Hi Jotform, Can I just say first that your development team ROCKS. Thank you so much for this great tool I will use it forever!!!

    I would like to put an "if-then" type feature into my coupon codes. I run specials on my rentals if someone books within a certain "window" of time, so here is what I would like to do.

    1) Can we add a feature to the coupon for it to start and stop on specific dates

    2) Can we add a feature that it will only apply if the "check-in" date is within "X" days of the date they are filling out the form: If you book within 6 days of arrival you save 15%. So I have an arrival date of July 20, 2013, the coupon code will not activate until the form date is July 14th. got it?? Read the top portion of the reservations page. I have people using the codes when ever they feel like it and I CAN'T STOP THEM.

    3) Can we create a collection of coupon codes in our JOTFORM that we can select from, b/c I have multiple forms that use the same codes. I have to "recreate" them each time. Thanks

    4) This would be EXCELLENT, and the most important feature right now: if the prices would change based on a specific selection or combination of selections. For example, I have 3 rentals (A, B & C), and 2 "seasons" (Peak & Off Peak by date), If Someone chooses rental A & Peak Season, a specific set of prices will appear, vs another person choosing rental B & Off Peak season. Oh this would help in so many ways you have NO IDEA!! I currently have 6 separate forms, and if I need to change something on 1 form, I have to do it on ALL OF THEM. What a pain. Thanks so much.

    Here's the reservations page: