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    Asked on April 29, 2011 at 02:41 PM

    first off, JotForm is sweet candy. Definitely an excellent service. I've done some searching but didn't find anything... I'm wondering if there's a way to show an "uploading please wait" screen while files are uploading. I'm using file uploads and there's really no blatant messaging to tell users that the files are being uploaded. Ideally, (in my mind) there would be a translucent overlay div that has an animated loading gif or uploading... message. Even if it didn't take over the entire page and just the form area, that would be great. 

    Is this possible with current functionality? If not, any thoughts on hacking something together? I've looked into using jQuery to detect the submit button press but it seems to be a pain and less than ideal. I'm willing to go that route though. 


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    Answered on April 30, 2011 at 01:51 AM


    Unfortunately we don't have some preloading script for submissions yet.  Although indeed, this is a nice thing to do to let a user know that his submission is in process.  I will submit a ticket to let our developers know about this request. 

    What you can do for now is modify your form on your own as long as you have this on your own webpage, this is because you cannot create javascript codes in a form hosted by JotForm.

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on April 30, 2011 at 01:17 PM

    If you are getting large uploads I think you should use the upload features that has the process bar. Please see the movies here for various file upload capabilities: