Appointment field: date calculations

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    Asked on June 17, 2020 at 05:23 AM


    I have the appointment field working in one of my forms, but I would like to make a calculation that could add 30 days to the appointment date and input that value in a different field that would be when the deal is due to close. 

    I have tried using dateString() but nothing has worked so far. Could you help me out with it, please? :) 

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    Answered on June 17, 2020 at 07:00 AM

    Greetings and thank you for your message.

    I have created a test form for you. You can access it on the following link:

    Since the Appointment field returns the date and time, it is not possible to solve your problem directly. You first need to add a new Date field to your form and copy the Appointment value there. You need the Update/Calculate Field condition:

    Since Appointment fields are not possible to be used in conditions, you need to test any other field in your form. I have added a new field to my test form and checked if it's empty. If you have some required fields, you can check if they are filled. 

    Now you need to add a Form calculation widget to your form. In it, you need to use dateString function and then simply add 30 days to the newly added date field:

    Feel free to test my form, and to clone it to your account. You can click here to see how to clone the form.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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    Answered on June 17, 2020 at 10:23 AM

    That's great! Thanks a lot!