I have questions that repeat on multiple pages, can the patient answer once and the system populate the answer on more than one sheet?

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    David Schusteric
    Asked on June 18, 2020 at 07:25 AM

    Good Morning,

    I'm a manager at a hospital and I'm trying to streamline our patient registration forms. I run a program that provides free mammograms and pap testing to patients. We are 100% funded by a Grant funds and have required forms the patient must fill out. Some of the forms have questions that repeat (name, gender, address, Ethnicity, etc). 

    Is it possible to have the patient answer the question once and then have it mapped to answer on the other sections? I would be using a PDF document and have been only playing around with the system to get use to it. Any help would be great! 

    Thanks and be safe!


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    Answered on June 18, 2020 at 09:21 AM

    Hello David - You can create conditions to pass a field's value to another once the former is filled.

    For example, once the NAME field is filled on the first page and you want to just copy that to another field on succeeding pages, you can use conditions for that. Here's an example:



    Now, if you're referring to the fields in the IMPORTED PDF, unfortunately, you cannot map a form field into multiple fields in the PDF.

    A workaround for that is to create duplicates of that form field (and hide them), then map the said duplicates to the PDF. You will be using the same condition I mentioned above.