Login thru online course portal and pull up saved submission automatically

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    Asked on June 18, 2020 at 02:15 PM


    We have embedded our form into an online course. The idea is that they complete the jotform as they go through the course - and by the end of the course, they are ready to submit the form. People may be returning to the form from different devices, so they are not always logged in. If they are not logged in, they have to start the form all over again. 

    Is it possible to add a Log In button, so that they can pick up where they left off, from any device?

    And could we make the "Discard and start again" option go away? I don't want people to lose their progress. 

    And finally - i know answers are only saved for 90 days. If someone edited their answers, would that reset the 90 days - or is it 90 days from first save?

    This question might make more sense if you look at the form, here:


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    Answered on June 18, 2020 at 04:08 PM

    Hello @SponsorRefugees,

    Thank you for contacting our support team.

    When a user saves their form, they will be sent an email that will include a Session URL that when followed will take you to the saved form. The user does not need to be logged in to a Jotform account in order to continue their form, all they will need is that Session URL.

    1592510562Screenshot (257).png

    You can inform your students that they will only need to keep this URL in order to continue their forms. They will be able to access via any device or browser as long as they have their unique Session URL.

    They also do not need to create a Jotform account to save their forms. When you click the 'Save' button there is an option to enter any email address and this session URL will be sent to that exact email.

    Here is a screencast of a sample form of mine to demonstrate how to save a form in you do not have a Jotform account.


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    Sponsor Refugees
    Answered on June 19, 2020 at 01:01 PM

    Thanks - sorry, it's not what I meant. 

    The form is embedded within an online course. We want the user to use the form within our website, we don't want to redirect them to the jotform URL.  

    So if they are using a different device, they would need to log in again, in order to pick up where they left off. 

    We are also worried about them clicking the "Discard" option by mistake. This would mean that they loose all the data, and could no longer edit it within the online course - they would have to reopen the old URL. So i wandered if we could edit the "Discard" pop up, to discourage people from clicking it?



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    Answered on June 19, 2020 at 01:51 PM

    Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the option to Discard the session. This is an option and is at the user's disposal should they wish to click on it or not.

    Meanwhile, if a user has a Jotform account and is currently logged in while filling out your form, whenever they hit the Save button, their partial submissions will be saved under their My Drafts folder.


    However, if you want that the form picks up their online course's login details and pull up the relevant data, unfortunately, that is not possible since your online course and Jotform do not share the same database.

    Also, to confirm, 90 days is from the time the session was initially created, regardless of when the session is edited.