Clear Button doesn't clear data saved to the form using Auto Fill Feature

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    Asked on July 09, 2013 at 08:12 AM

    To recreate bug:

    1) Create a form with 3 basic text fields, enabling the "Clear Form" button under the Submit Button's options, and enabling "Save on data changes" within the Preferences -> Advanced Settings tab.

    2) Save the form and preview it.

    3) Type some text in the first field, then go to the second field. Do not type anything in the second field.

    4) Hit F5 on the keyboard to refresh the page. You will see that the text you typed in the first field was saved upon exiting the first field, and has been auto-filled, as expected.

    5) Hit the "Clear Form" button and confirm. All fields will be cleared.

    6) Type something in the first field again. Make sure what you type is different than what you typed the first time.

    7) Go to the second field. Do not type anything here.

    8) Refresh the page.

    9) You will see that the text in the field is restored to the initial text you typed instead of the second text. It appears that, after using the "Clear Form" button, only fields that have not been previously typed into will be saved.

    Expected behavior: I would expect that using the "Clear Form" button would clear all forms and simultaneously "save" a new, empty state of the form in the cache. Clearing the form should be treated as editing and leaving a form field. It should clear all fields and "save" the blank form. At the very, very least, editing and leaving a field value after using the "Clear Form" button ought to save the NEW value. Again, that is at the very least; I would prefer clearing the form to also update the cached field values as well, because the "Clear Form" button is, in a way editing and leaving every field on the form, plus it has a confirmation prompt that already asks the user to confirm their choice as a precaution.

    NOTE: In this example, I only referenced the "Save on data changes" option. However, the same behavior is exhibited using the "Auto Save" option as well. This should be fixed so that, when a form is cleared using the "Clear Form" button and the user pauses on the form for the selected duration (4, 10, 15, 20, 30sec), that all fields are saved as blank. Currently, this does not occur.

    Tested in latest version of FF 22.0 and Chrome 28.0.1500.71 m.

    If you confirm this as a bug and/or undesireable behavior and manage to remedy it soon, I would love an update. Currently, I am unable to use these features because of how they currently perform.

    Thank you for this great service. I love JotForm.

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    Answered on July 09, 2013 at 09:39 AM


    I have forwarded this thread to our level 2/developers. Thanks for the step by step guide on how to replicate such report.

    We'll keep you updated for any progress.


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    Answered on August 30, 2014 at 04:54 PM
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    Answered on August 31, 2014 at 03:32 AM

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