Is it possible to auto hide non answered questions in the notification mail

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    Asked on May 03, 2011 at 09:29 AM

    I am building a multi-purpose form to enable our customers to ask questions and upload documents in a structured form.

    According to the kind of document, the message is rerouted to another department. The idea is to have only one contact form available on our website in order to avoid any confusion with our customers. This works fine.

    Parallely, we do not allow any type of question/document to be sent to us using a form. For some important things, we have an online filing system, and of course we do not want people to use a form instead of our system which automatically enters the data in our database...

    To facilitate the work of the mailroom, we use Google Apps (Gmail) with appropriate labels according to fields in the form. This facilitates the dispatch work.

    Unfortunately, also empty fields are also taken over in the mail. This makes the Google lable system unusable...

    Further, it is much more clear for the person in charge of a kind of documents if they are not annoyed by al lot of labels which are unrelevant for them.

    I use Jotforms since a few years on my own personal website, and I thought I already used such a feature, but my personal forms are much less complicated than the ones I use professionaly. Could be I just dreamed it was possible...

    As the form is still under construction, it is not yet on our website.


    Best regards,


    Jean-Marie Putz

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    Answered on May 04, 2011 at 05:14 AM

    I found a work around for labelling in Google...

    Just take all possible choices in the title of the mail. As the choices are always unique, Jotform does not show the non used variables in the title of the mail.

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    Answered on May 04, 2011 at 05:37 AM


    As you may have found out, it is currently not possible to hide unanswered fields in the notification email, although we are glad that you have sorted things out by yourself.

    For what it's worth, you can also have the field identifiers {somethinglikethis} in the body of the email instead of in the title. What you need to do is delete the entire content of the email's body and then put the identifiers for the choices one by one.

    Anyway, thank you for using Jotform. Let us know if there's anything else that you require assistance with.


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    Answered on May 04, 2011 at 09:03 AM

    Thanks for your reply...

    I am facing another problem now.

    I would like to hide (conditionally) the upload button. It works fine as long the feature "allow multiple files" is not checked.

    In our workflow, we deal with several kinds of attachments we would like to receive. One of the cases is getting only one image (and nothing else) while in other cases we require multiple files to be uploaded.

    If I use single file uploads, it works exactly like I need it to work. But it seems not possible to hide a multiple upload button.

    About the multiple button, I have another question. Is it possible to change the lay-out of it? Is this something I must do within CSS?

    And I suspect another bug, but I will check it further before reporting:

    I have made an upload field accepting only jpg, jpeg, gif and png files. The checks within the form work correctly, but I get an error message while sending the form: something like transmission error. Jpg not accepted, only jpg, jpeg, gif and png files are accepted. If I get the problem again, I will open a new topic with a print screen.

    Strange thing is that it seems to work properly when I accept all kinds of extension... may be it takes a leading space into account, I do not know..

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    Answered on May 04, 2011 at 09:39 AM

    hummm... There seems to be some divine interventions here... Before I sent my last post it was not working. I was struggling with that problem for some time.

    And now it just works.


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    Answered on May 04, 2011 at 05:36 PM


    Again, it's good to hear that things are working out just the way you wanted to. Please be aware that there are a lot of factors that could affect how changes made are reflected in your form. There might have been delays on our server or in your internet connection, or even your browser's cache when you saved the changes.

    When this happens, the best thing to do is to shift-refresh your browser, so that it loads the whole page completely, diresgarding the files stored in its cache. To do that, simply press and hold shift then click the refresh button in your browser. That should do the trick.

    Anyway, we'd like to thank you for using Jotform. If you have other queries, do not hesitate to let us know.