Show a specific field based on multiple fields' status

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    Asked on August 03, 2020 at 03:22 PM

    Good Afternoon,

    We set specific  conditions and published. When we go to test it, they don't "stick." For example, if I select "yes" there should be a pop up that notifies patients to call our office. This does not happen. 



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    Answered on August 03, 2020 at 07:37 PM

    On a cloned version of your form, I tested the issue you are reporting.

    I noticed that you have 9 questions(fields) asking respondents to choose from "Yes" or "No" options. Then you have also set up one condition for each field to show the same specific field in your form if one of the questions answer is "Yes".


    However, I'm afraid this set up will not work because it creates conflict between conditions.

    Let's say the first question's answer is "Yes", but the second question remains unanswered yet or the answer is "No", the form will follow whatever condition is on top of the condition list so the field that is supposed to show will still not be shown.

    To fix the issue, you can have each field under 1 condition and set that if "ANY" of the field is equal to "Yes" it will show a specific field.

    You can use the "+" button on the left of each "if" rule, to add another "if" rule.


    I hope this helps.

    Feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance.