Notification Email: Easy way to change the Recepient Address for all Forms

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    Asked on July 26, 2013 at 01:44 PM

    Recipient Emails need to be more streamlined.  Too many steps to change who the recipient is.  

    Current issue....

    We have about 30 forms.  One person in our office recieves notificaitons for 20 or so forms.  When that person is out of the office (vacation or traveling) we need to route those email notifications to someone else for a few days and then go back in and switch them all back over again.  (So we can respond to customers in a timely manner)

    Right now this must be done one by one and is really tedious process.  All of the fancy loading animations and windows on JotForm (while they look really nice) each take a second to load and another 2 seconds or so to save.  This adds up.  

    These 20 "Contact Us" forms, requires going back and forth through a couple windows (some which require you to hit the save button and others save without hitting a button) 1 by 1 to update.  Each time you finish updating one of the recipients you must wait for it to save, and then click back to go to the main list of all the forms.  Normally this brings up a dialog box which I must click again "Leave this Page".

    The list of forms gets rearranged and the most recent one edited is now at the top of the list.  But if your forms are organized in/by groups they don't rearrange but instead stay in the correct order so it's really easy to identify which forms I have yet to switch over, but difficult to remember which one you left off of, or remember that on some screens the list is in a different order.

    How to improve... 

    Anyways, I think it would be great if you could simplify it.  Something like 2 recipients for 1 email notification, and check mark boxes for that person right from the main list of forms, so when she is out of the office I can just remove a checkmark box from her name and instead checkmark the backup person and be good to go in 5 seconds.  Instead of manually editing each form 1 by 1, going through cycles of loading, extra popup windows, saving going back and repeating the process.

    I REALLY DO LIKE JOTFORM, you guys do so many things right.  I love the intergration with Constant Contact, the interface is pretty easy to use for the most part, and I love that I can export data to a spreadsheet.  Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for your time and consideration!  

    - Justin 

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    Answered on July 26, 2013 at 03:51 PM


    Recipient Emails need to be more streamlined.  Too many steps to change who the recipient is:

    Regarding this Issue, Instead of changing all Recepient Emails in all of your forms for Just 10 or 20 days and then revert back again. I Suggest you to Use Email Filtering and Forward Option.

    For Example in gmail You can do that in very simple way:

    Just go to Settings and select Filters Option, Then Create a Filter such that what ever mail Come with this Subject should Automatically forward to other email Address.


    Then in Filter option you can give like this:


    Then Click on Create ffilter with this search, and then Set options like this


    This Will save Much of your time.

    You can Simply Enable and Disable it whenever you need.


    Hope This Solves your Problem.

    Feel Free to ask if you need further clarification.

    Thank you.