Do I still need to purchase an SSL certificate for my site if I am using your SSL form?

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    Asked on May 11, 2011 at 07:56 PM

    I am putting a form on my site which will have credit card details entered into it and I want it to be secure for my customers, do I need to have both the SSL form and an SSL certificate or does the form cover the security.

    Also is there a way of reducing the space between each line?

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    Answered on May 11, 2011 at 09:09 PM


    The ssl security is  applied on the form only this does not cover your whole
    site. Only the data entered in the form are transmitted via the secure socket layer.
    Other information on the site will not be included in the encryption.

    In the preferences section you can change the question spacing.
    Here's how:

    1. Load your form in the form builder

    2. While on the "Setup & Embed" tab, click "Preferences"

    3. Click the "Field Styles" tab

    4. Click the figure to the right of "Question Spacing" and change it from 10 to whatever you wish

    5. Click "Close Settings" and save your change.



    Another option is to use the custom inject css:

    1.  Go to Setup & Embed tab, then click Preferences button.

    2.  Choose Form Styles tab

    3.  Click on the text area beside Inject Custom CSS

    4.  Enter this code:

    .form-line {
    padding-top: 3px;
    padding-bottom: 3px;

    You can change the value according to your needs.


    Hope this helps.