form getting stuck once submitted

  • taraanne_red
    Answered on August 20, 2020 08:50 PM


    the attached form has been working and I have had 5 ppl message me telling me that they filled out the registration form and clicked on submit and the submit button is saying "please wait"

    this is happening on other forms

    please fix

    thank you

  • John Support Team Lead
    Answered on August 21, 2020 03:56 AM

    I just tried making a test submission to your form but was not able to replicate the issue. Though I was using a test credit card and go declined:

    form getting stuck once submitted Image 10

    I also tried cloning the form, integrated it with my test Stripe account, made a submission, and still not able to reproduce the error.

    Could you please try re-integrating with your Stripe account and see if it makes any difference? To re-integrate, just click on the 'disconnect' and then connect it again.

    15979964182527030 3 Screenshot 21

    And once it says "Connected", click the CONTINUE button at the bottom to save the connection.

    If it still being stuck after doing so, we suggest grabbing a screenshot of the console report and post it here so we can check. Here's a guide on  How-to-get-a-console-report-from-most-common-browsers

    While here's a guide on How-to-Post-Screenshots-to-Our-Support-Forum.

    Please try that and let us know how it goes.