I need a way to verify that the person filling out my form is who they say they are.

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    Mike H
    Asked on August 08, 2013 at 04:24 PM

    We use Jot forms in our company as a means of internal record keeping. Specifically for training logs as we are constantly training new employees and are required to document the date time and persons who attend training.

    I need to be able to verify that the person who is administering the training is who they say they are. Previously the hard copies of the forms would be signed by the trainers but this will not work for Jot forms.


    Does anyone have any ideas about how this may be accomplished with Jot forms?


    An ideal situation would be to assign a password to each trainer that unlocks the form and would identify which trainer filled out the form. However while this works for one password using the conditions feature it seems to be impossible with multiple passwords (each trainer would be assigned thier own unique password).


    I am open to any suggestions.