How can I have one form with different areas for different people to fill out and submit?

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    Asked on August 09, 2013 at 03:10 AM

    We are putting our admissions online with jotform and want a "back office" section where we can put a registration no, date of admission test, interveiew date, etc. and have it associated with a particular application. Can you help? 

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    Answered on August 09, 2013 at 09:35 AM

    Thank you for using JotForm,

    Regarding your inquiry, "JotForm" has several tools to accomplish what you need.The "Integrations" has several options to use your submission data in different ways, allowing you to modify, add fields, remove and also edit the data. There are other methods to integrate "JotForm" directly with your own application but these methods sometimes need programming skills. Here I will provide a list of options that best fit your need. 

    Jotform Integrations feature options:

    Google spreadsheet Integration: You can get your Jotform submission to your Google spreadsheet using your Gmail or GoogleApps account, This option will allow you to have your form submissions instantly in a spreadsheet to google, where you can add columns, modify cells and also handle data at its discretion with formulas.

    Google Drive integration: This option meet the same concept as above, but instead of getting your submission to a google spreadsheet, submission will go to a  Google Drive as files(1 PDF file for each submission with their corresponding attached files). Perhaps it isn't the best option for you because PDF files are not easy to modify as a spreadsheet is.

    CRM Integration:

    If you have any of the CRM tools that currently "JotForm" contemplates integration, can also integrate your data to them.

    Highrise, Salesforce, Solve360 CRM and Soho CRM are the option to integrate

    Download submission as.. option:

    You alwas have the option to download your submission data in different formats also:

    How to Download form submission to "Excel/CSV/PDF"

    This option can be quite useful too, but note that you must download their submission every time you want to have the current information because the file will be generated containing the last submission, if after downloading there was a new submission should download it again . The CSV format is quite useful for import into the database of your own program.

    Other options(programming knowldge requerid):

    You also can integrate jotform with any program b

    ut may you will need programming knowldge:

    Exporting your submission to a MYSQL Database as the user submits.

    Using the Jotform API

    WebHooks. Example

    In my opinion using the google spreadsheet integration or downloading your data to Excel,CSV will be the best choice for you, but the other options also are useful if you need to have the form submission at your own application

    Hope it helps,

    please let us know, if you need further assistance.