I'm having trouble with my terms and conditions scrollable form.

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    Asked on September 04, 2020 at 02:29 AM

    I'm having trouble with my terms and conditions scrollable form. I'm trying to do a COVID release of liability. Can I build it as s second form have them hit the terms and conditions go out to that form, and when they hit submit on the second form be taken back to the original to complete it.

    Additionally, is there a way for them to sign by using name and address vice the smooth signature, that is very hard to use with a mouse.

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    Answered on September 04, 2020 at 04:32 AM

    I am not sure if I have understood your question correctly. Do you mean to say that you want to have a separate form for terms and condition and once the form is submitted, you want user to be redirected to original form?

    Yes it is possible to redirect users to any form / page but please note that both the submission will be counted separately and will be part of two separate forms. 

    I would suggest you to please create a multi-page form where in one page, you can only have terms and condition text and signature fields. The following guide should help you how to make multi-page form: https://www.jotform.com/help/119-How-to-Create-a-Multi-Page-Form-with-JotForm

    If you do not want the signature widget in form, you can use regular short text entry field to capture name and email address. 

    Hope this helps.

    Do try it out and get back to us if you have any questions.