Hi there.

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    Asked on May 14, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    Hi there.  I'm a possible customer considering using your service.

    Few questions:

    -  How long have you been in business?  Your site seems very professional and competent, but I'm concerned about investing my time in something that might disappear in a few months.  (I have a long form with a lot of questions, so whatever I choose . . . I'll have to spend a lot of time initially programming it.)

    - Along those lines, do you have any difficulties or limits associated with longer forms and/or multi-page forms?  Does a longer form with skipouts / conditional logic create difficulty in any way?  Are there any difficulties with downloading responses from a multi-page form?  Mine will probably have about 50 questions and lots of skipouts.

    - Is there any possibility of a pricing plan between your "premium" for 9.95 a month and your "professional" for 49.95 a month?  That's just a HUGE jump in terms of pricing and storage.  For my current needs, I do imagine I'd usually, most months, I THINK, need SLIGHTLY over your premium, but hardly ever IF ever ALL the way to your professional.  Not even close.  What about 30 bucks a month for split the difference?  :)  OR, what if I chose the "premium," but during some months but not all, my usage went over?  What happens then?  If I hit the limit, do I just get "cut off?"  Or is / could there be some sort of graduated pricing for the amount I went over but didn't hit the "professional" amount?

    - If I used your service, I would want my users to be able to upload a photo file.  I'm not clear from the info on the site on exactly how that works.   If some users uploaded a photo . . . where does that uploaded file . . . go?  If I don't want to email everything constantly to my email address (and I don't think I would, I would rather some sort of briefer notification then be able to download everything later and periodically whenever I chose), and some users of my form have uploaded a file, how do I receive those uploaded files . . . later?  Sorry, I'm guessing this is probably a simple answer, I'm just not getting how it would work, practically speaking.  I would need to eventually get those photo files into a local database on my end.

    -  What is the size limit on the file users can upload?

    - When I download / receive user submissions, can that / will that include user IP addresses?  (I need for that to be the case.)

    - Is there any way to disallow more than one form submission from the same email address? 

    - What happens for your users (customers, potentially me, not form submitters), with downloading a form that has been submitted by many people, but the user is downloading the results of that form, periodically?  Trying to be clear here, what I mean is, the form is live . . . people submit data, I download it one day . . . then a day or so later, I want to download the people that submitted since I last downloaded the results previously.    Can I order the results by date, so I can tell who is who, who submitted since I last downloaded the results of the form?

    -  Along the lines of the above, will I / can I delete the previous form submissions, the ones I already downloaded?  Is that necessary or desirable in any way?

    -  Do you have any restrictions upon what sort of website can use your service?  I run a website for lesbian and bisexual women, helping them meet each other.  It's not any more sexually explicit than any similar dating-style website for heterosexuals, it's definitely NOT a porn xxx style site, nor does it advertise anything of that nature.  However, it is FOR adults.  Again, not an "adult" site in the sense that usually means something past the R rating, but it is a site FOR actual adults. 18 and over, not kids.  Is that a problem there for anyone at your service?  Would you have any difficulty and/or reticence about providing services and/or tech support for anyone not strictly heterosexual?

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your response.

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    Answered on May 15, 2011 at 02:03 AM

    This is insanely ridiculous.  Is this the only way to get a question answered around here, for a paid service?

    Wow.  I'm out.

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    Answered on May 15, 2011 at 07:49 AM

    Hello Robin,

    Here are to answer your questions:

    1. Jotform has been in business for around 5 years.

    2. There are no set limits for creating number of questions, number of fields, conditions, or pages with your forms.  If you're experiencing problems with the forms you have created, feel free to post your issue here in the forums and we'll get to you ASAP.

    3. We have 4 packages available at the moment:

          a.  Guest account
          b.  Free account
          c.  Premium account
          d.  Professional account

       The administrators are planning up a new package in between Premium and Professional.  We'll let everyone know once this package is added. If you are about to reach your maximum quota for the month, you will be notified by our system.  If you reach the maximum quota for the month, your form will be temporarily suspended.  Your forms will be reactivated on the next month when your submission counter resets to zero.

    If you're a paying subscriber and you decide to cancel your account, you can do it anytime and your account will be downgraded to free without any of your submissions getting deleted or your account deactivated.  You can know more about the existing pricing packages here

    4. Files submitted using your forms will basically be uploaded to our servers. You can also integrate your submissions with Dropbox.  With Dropbox, your account will sync automatically and download all submissions to your computer.  You can know more about integrating your form with Dropbox on this link.  Another is integrating your file uploads to your prefered FTP enabled website or FTP server.

    5. There is a limit of 1GB upload for every upload.

    6. Yes, for every submission an IP address is recorded.

    7. Unfortunately, at the moment we only have cookie based unique submissions (loose check), and IP based unique submissions (strict check).  But this seems indeed to be one good addition so I will let our developers and ask them to add this feature.

    8. You can filter the submissions to what you want to view on a certain date on the submissions page.

    9. Yes, you can delete your submissions if you want.

    10. As long as you're not violating local, state, national, or international law or regulation, you are free to create your form for whatever your purpose is.  You can know more about the terms and conditions here

    If you are planning to create a form for membership for your site, I would suggest that you use Memberkit instead.  Memberkit is another application from the same creators of Jotform.  You can know more about memberkit at http://www.memberkit.com/

    I hope this clears all your inquiries.

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.