Pre-purchase questions

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    Kara Klein
    Asked on August 15, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    I am considering signing up for JotForms but before making any purchases, I wanted to make sure your service meets all of our requirements.  Can you please review the requirements below and let me know what you can offer?

    Thank you!

    1)     1)  Must be able to set logic and rules for form.  For example, a visitor answers the first form question, which is a yes/no field.  If they answer “yes”, they are automatically skipped to question #20 (they do not have to answer 2-19).  But if they answer “no”, all questions on the form are required.

    2)      2) If a user does not complete the entire form in one sitting, they can save the work they’ve done and come back to finish another day.

    3)      3) All of the user submitted data must be kept very secure.  We purchased a secure server -- can all user submitted data be sent directly to this server instead of to any JotForm servers?

    1)      4) Users must be able to upload .doc, .pdf etc. files

    2)      5) Data must be automatically stored in a database, but data must also be emailed to a designated email address.  In the email message, data must be displayed in a user-friendly way, instead of displaying everything as IDs, values etc.

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    Answered on August 15, 2013 at 03:46 PM

    Hi Kara,

    Thanks for your interest in using Jotform. Our answers are as follows;

    1. Logics and Rules are possible. We have a guide for that: Conditional Logic on Forms. Skip to a Page Logic is possible. We have that from the list of the Logics:

    2. Auto Save/Fill is possible in Two Ways:

    -One is by using our Advance Feature, this guide: How to Enable Auto Fill Feature - This method works with the same computer where they fill up the form.

    -If you'd like to allow someone to continue using filling up the form on other computer, we suggest using our Workaround. That is by using Session URL, please refer to this guide: How to Save Forms to Continue Later.

    3. Our forms are secure. You can use our SSL Feature to secure your forms: Setting Up a Secure or SSL Form

    -Form submissions will always end up to our servers. You can automatically insert/forward submissions to your database by using our Send Post Data feature. Please refer to this guide: How to Insert/Update Submissions to Your MySQL Database Using PHP.

    -We also have our Webhook Feature: Send Instant Submission Notifications with Webhooks. This is one of our advance features. You can always contact us for help.

    4. We have our Upload Field and InkFilePicker Integration. Check this guide: Upload Field Allowed File Types

    5. You can check your form submissions from your Form Submissions Page.

    -We have Email Notification: Setting Up Email Notifications

    -We have Auto Responder Email: Setting Up Form Autoresponder

    Let us know if you have any further questions with your Features. We guarantee you a lot of tools :)