How To Share Forms with Clients

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    Asked on September 16, 2020 at 07:09 AM
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    Answered on September 16, 2020 at 10:26 AM

    Hi there,

    In JotForm, there are several ways to share your forms with your clients.

    Here are five options to share your forms,

    OPTION 1: If you want to share the direct link can be used by anyone, please follow these steps;

    1. Go to Form Builder
    2. Click the PUBLISH button on the top menu
    3. In the Quick Share section, click Settings with Gear icon right next to Link to Share to make sure your form is public.
    4. If it is public you can hit the Copy Link button and share the link with your client. That's it!


    OPTION 2: If you want to request a specific group of people to complete your form, please follow these steps;

    *When you assign a form, your assignee will need to sign up for JotForm with an email and password — ensuring your form and form data is only accessed by the people you want to access it.

    1. Find the ASSIGN FORM section on the left menu

    2. You can add multiple clients' email addresses separated by commas to INVITE PEOPLE field

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    3.OR by hitting the UPLOAD icon next to INVITE PEOPLE, you can upload a csv file for large number of contacts.

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    4. Click the SEND INVITATION button and that's all!

    OPTION 3: If you want to share your link with your clients via email, please follow these steps;

    1. Find EMAIL section below ASSIGN FORM section

    2. Select SHARE ON EMAIL option

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    3. Add your clients' email addresses with comma separated in TO field

    4. Fill the other necessary fields and click to SEND button. That's it!

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    OPTION 4: If your client wants to install/embed your form to their website, please follow these steps;

    1. Find the PLATFORMS section in the PUBLISH tab

    2. Search the platform that your client uses (For Ex. Wordpress)

    3. Click on Wordpress icon

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    4. Click the COPY CODE button now the code is in your clipboard and send it to your client.

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    OPTION 5: If you can't find the platform that your client uses, please follow these steps;

    1. Find the EMBED section right under the Quick Share section.
    2. Pick one of the formats that your client wants to use.
    3. Copy the code and send it to your client.

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    *If you don't know which embed type should you use, please visit

    Hope this helps.

    Please get back if you have further questions.