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    License Management
    Asked on August 21, 2013 at 10:37 AM


    We are contacting you today in regards to our upcoming maintenance renewal.

    As part of our renewal process please answer the questions below to help us expedite our internal process.  Please note that the questions below are generic and some questions may not apply.  If there is additional information from a licensing perspective that we are not capturing please include it to help us in our compliance efforts.

    Please provide us a Renewal Quote (for our End User – Bruce Whittington) and a copy of the latest End User License Agreement for the product(s) listed below so we can review the terms and conditions and information on different levels or support offered.

    1. What is the license Metric for the licensed products listed below:   (.i.e. by User, Server, Operating System, Processor, Core, Web Based, Device...etc.)?
              • JotForm Premium
    2. If licensed by User can the user have more than one install if they have a desktop and a laptop or only 1 install for the User is allowed on 1 machine?
    3. Are there any additional licensing considerations/restrictions that have to do with hardware configuration in addition to above question?
    4. Is there additional licensing cost for different environments: Production, Development, QA, and Test?
    5. Are there additional licensing requirements/costs for an install in a Cold-Site for Disaster Recovery purposes only?
    6. What is the license Model:  Perpetual or Subscription
    7. Are there geographical/international use restrictions and/or Subsidiaries restrictions?
    8. What is included with this renewal?
    9. What is the required time frame to provide notice to terminate maintenance/support prior to renewal end date (example: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, None)?
    10. For upgrades, can the previous and new versions be installed on the same machine without incurring additional license cost for 2 version install?
    11. If we decide not to renew can we still run the application?
    12. What is the latest version released for this product?
    13. If we elect not to renew maintenance, and we have not installed the version released before dropping maintenance and support, are we entitled to upgrade at a later date to the version released before we dropped maintenance?
    14. Are there any reinstatement fees if we elect not to renew maintenance?
    15. What constitutes "rights to use" of a licensed copy?  example: Copy of invoice, PO, Entitlements
    16. Do you accept payment with AMEX?  If so, please provide instructions to do so.
    17. What is the maintenance and support level under this agreement that we are entitled to as part of this renewal (example 24x7, Premium, Gold, Basic, 8x5 5 days week...etc)?
    18. Do you only offer direct support or do you have pre-approved 3rd party vendors that offer support?  (If so, please provide a list of vendors.)
    19. In the event of any support issues, please provide support contact info?
    20. Please provide our account Rep contact info -
    21. What is Kforce contract and/or customer number?

    Bill Berry, PCSLM
    Software Compliance Specialist
    Kforce Services Corp.
    813.552.2550/800.893.7798 main/toll free
    813.552.3350 fax

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    Answered on August 21, 2013 at 05:08 PM

    Thank you for your interest in JotForm

    Looks like you are looking for to purchase the Jotform License Application. This version doesn't offer 3rd party integrations and many other capabilities our hosted version does, but it can be installed, customized and hosted in your own servers. We offer free installtion plus 3 months of support. If that is the case, please check this page and if you have further questions please contact  , they will clarify to you other questions on regards to upgrades, etc.

    However, if you would like to purchase a subscription for our hosted version, you could always have support from us. We offer several 3rd party integrations that you can test even in the free version so you can decide.

    Our hosted version is constantly updated, improved and it's maintained in our side. Your subscription can be terminated at any time.  We also have a 30 days money back guarantee.

    However, there might be services or customized applications that cannot be integrated with our hosted version.

    But, let me tell you that our developers have just released the JotForm API which is mostly ready only, but our developers are excited as you or your developers would be able to develop several Apps for your convenience.