Redirect users based on the option they select on a dropdown field

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    Asked on September 26, 2020 at 09:19 PM

    How do I do this:

    For example:

    Dropdown Menu:

    - Model Homes

    - Inventory

    - Land

    - Etc

    I have created a separate " Checkbox " item for each dropdown menu. How can I redirect the client when they choose ( Model Homes ) to its desired Checkbox item?


    This is a re-post of a comment on How to Automatically Pass Form Data to Another Form

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    Answered on September 26, 2020 at 09:31 PM

    We will be glad to help you with your concern. However, we may need you to provide us with more details about it so we can give you the proper solution or workaround to meet your requirements.

    Are you looking to show on your form a specific checkbox field based on their selection on the drop-down field in your example?

    Or, are you looking to redirect your to a certain page in your form based on a selected option in the drop-down field?

    We will wait for your response.