How can I share the uploaded files with everyone? CRITICAL

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    Asked on May 17, 2011 at 11:00 PM

    I have a form that allows for uploaded files.  I send an notification email to a number of folks.  I NEED desperately for them to be able to view the uploaded files.  How can I make that work?  I can't seem to make it work.

    I have an uploaded file BMP and TIFF that gives me access denied.

    How can I make this work?

    EDIT: I'm thinking the problem is only with image type files....Yes I'm fairly certain this is true.  HELP!!!!

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    Answered on May 18, 2011 at 04:11 AM

    Hi rvannatta

    To share the uploaded files, do the following:

    1. Login to your JotForm account and on the "My Forms" page, click the FLRBC#3 CC Transaction Submital Form form

    2. Click "Submissions" in the toolbar

    3. Click the little icon that looks like a gear (just under the "Delete" button in the screenshot below) and select "Make This Page Public":

    4. Enter a password (Ex. "passWord"), note it somewhere and click "OK"

    5. Copy the link provided in the next pop-up (your link will actually be


    6. You can now include that link in your email notification

    The "Insert/edit link" window referred to in the screenshot link above:


    As to the other part of your question regarding BMP and TIFF files, add the extensions for those types of files (bmp, tif, tiff) into the "Receipt" upload field, click "OK" and save your changes:

    (Since TIFF files can have either .tif or .tiff as their extension, both variations should be included)


    Incidentally, while testing a clone of your form I noticed that you included a hint to enter a dash (-) to indicate a credit card transaction in the "Transaction Amount" field but that field can only contain numbers. So, users entering a dash there will get an error.

    Anyway, please let us know if the solutions provided fit your requirements and feel free to enquire more about these and other features of our forms.


    ~ Wayne

    EDIT: Upon re-reading your question, it appears that my reply was overkill for what you needed. Nevertheless, if you didn't know it before, you now know how to share the submission page as well as the files! :-)