Contract Forms that provide downloadable PDF copy with paragraph field text after user hits submit

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    Asked on October 22, 2020 at 12:16 PM

    Hello! I'm trying to create a Contract form that fits our needs. IMPORTANT - I'm sending this from my personal account, but I'm a VA so the example video is from one of my client's accounts and you won't find the form I'm referencing in this account. It shouldn't matter as it's a common need and I just need to know how to do it across the board.

    Obviously, when the contract submissions show up in our Inbox, it only shows us their field data and signature. I want to have the full text from the Paragraph field that shows on the form submission so the signor can get a pdf copy of their complete signed document in a auto-responder email.

    I've looked in the FAQs but I don't see an easy way to search for this information. Can someone send me some help on how to make this happen? Thank you!

    I'm using:

    • Name fields (submission data)
    • Address fields (submission data)
    • Paragraph field (this is where I put the bulk of the contract terms - no submission data, terms only)
    • Signature block field (submission data)

    It looks great on the online form, I'm ONLY talking about AFTER the user hits submit. Then all we have to send them is the field submission data. I want a completed pdf document that includes the contract term information from the paragraph field as well.


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    Answered on October 22, 2020 at 06:34 PM

    Hi there,

    You would need to create a PDF document of the submission to include the Text field. Unfortunately, you cannot display the text field in the submissions and inbox pages.

    Please refer to the following guide to create the PDF document:

    If needed, you can attach this in the autoresponder email that is sent to the submitter. You can also do the same PDF Attachment in the notification email that is sent to your client.